FEMA seeks deputy to the assistant administrator of NCP

The Federal Emergency Management Agency recently announced that it is seeking someone to fill the position of deputy to the assistant administrator of National Continuity Programs.

The deputy will directly advise the assistant administrator regarding national security plans and initiatives, and will serve FEMA through the creation and implementation of emergency preparedness plans, policy consultation and directing FEMA's Office of National Continuity Programs.

The NCP serves governmental agencies related to the Continuity of Government, Continuity of Operations and contingency programs. It is responsible for the creation of broad-range training programs, the establishment of national security readiness reports and the development of alert systems in the event of natural disasters.

The deputy will be responsible for the development and coordination of policies, strategic emergency planning, budgeting and program organization. The deputy will also represent FEMA on various panels and working groups, be involved with the creation of operational procedures and effectively coordinate FEMA initiatives and policies.

The person hired to the position will represent FEMA as a point of contract for the White house, Defense Community, Intelligence Community and other federal agencies concerned with COG, Coop and contingency programs. The position is based in Washington, D.C., and the salary range is between $120,749 and $180,000 per year.

FEMA is responsible for the development of national preparedness plans for hazards and natural disasters.