Ohio celebrates 20-year anniversary of EOC

The Ohio Emergency Management Agency recently celebrated the 20-year anniversary of the completion of its Emergency Operations Center/Joint Dispatch Facility, according to the EMA.

The EOC/JDF serves as the headquarters for the Ohio EMA, the dispatch center for the Ohio State Highway Patrol, the headquarters for District 6 and communications elements of the Ohio Departments of Transportation and Natural Resources. The facility is meant to enhance the state's capabilities to respond to emergencies and disasters while improving coordination among state agency partners.

The EOC's emergency operations room contains 52 workstations where emergency personnel can conduct a coordinated response to emergencies. The stations include networked computers, communication devices and overhead video systems. Video signals from anywhere in the world, including feeds from emergency response personnel at the scene of an emergency, can be displayed in the emergency operations room.

In 2010, the Ohio EMA received a special grant of federal funds to renovate the EOC, which allowed technology upgrades to the operations and assessment rooms and EOC modifications and reconfigurations.

The Ohio EMA is the central point of coordination in the state for response to and recovery from disasters. The agency staffs trainers specializing in all-hazards training, radiological training, survivable crisis management and exercise design. The trainers support all 88 county emergency management programs.