Davis County holds first-responder training course

First responder classes for nine local and rural residents began on Wednesday in Davis County, Iowa.

The first responders are sponsored by the Davis County Hospital EMS Department, and the group will provide support to the EMS crews during emergencies, according to KTVO.

Davis County Sheriff Deputy Josh Sinnott is participating in the course, and helped raise more than $11,000 to fund the project. Several towns, businesses and individuals donated money to fund the course, KTVO reports.

"Personally, just being in the community, we don't have a lot of first responders anymore," Sinnott said, according to KTVO. "[The] program's been down, so bringing back numbers to the community, helping just different parts of the community is best for everybody in the county, so we're just here to help everybody."

The program will run through June, when the course participants will need to complete a test to be certified as first responders. They will have to complete 48 hours of clinical rounds, including 24 hours in an ambulance and 24 hours in the emergency room.

When training is complete, the first-responders will voluntarily answer 911 emergency calls throughout the county, which will shorten emergency response time, KTVO reports.

Davis County is home to approximately 8,753 people, and covers approximately 505 square miles. The county seat is in Bloomfield.