Summit, N.J., to hold CERT course this March

The Summit, N.J., Office of Emergency Management Police and Fire Departments recently announced that the departments will jointly host a Community Emergency Response Team course from March through April.

The CERT program trains community members on a range of basic disaster response skills to prepare them in the event of an emergency. The course includes training on fire safety, disaster medicine, basic search and rescue skills and team organizational skills, reports.

Summit CERT course graduates will be expected to help with non-emergency community initiatives to improve community safety and play an active role in assisting professional emergency responders during disasters and community emergencies.

"Our goal in establishing this program is for CERT members and response personnel to work together for the benefit of the community," Summit Police Chief Robert Weck said, according to "CERT training will give people the decision-making, organizational, and practical skills needed to effectively assist in emergency situations."

Training course participants will also be trained on extinguishing small fires, treating patients for excessive bleeding and shock, supplying basic medical assistance, search and rescue tactics, intelligent disaster planning and response organization.

The training course will be free for all Summit residents 16 years of age and older. The course will be held every Monday night for eight weeks, beginning in March. Each participant will be considered an extended part of New Jersey's emergency support and disaster response team, reports.