Ontario EMAT hosts CBRN first responders training course

The Ontario Medical Emergency Assistance Team recently announced that it will host a Technical CBRN Training for health professionals and first responders in March.

The event, titled "Technical CBRN Training for Frontline Responders: 8 hours," will be held on March 27 for medical and non-medical persons who are considered first responders. This includes anyone who may be called on during a CBRN emergency to manage or handle patients during a hazardous chemical exposure or CBRN threat.

The course will teach participants to recognize CBRN threats, utilize proper first line protection, adopt correct lockdown, shut down ventilation and follow shelter procedures, establish a decontamination system, comprehend RN detection, Don/Doff APR and PAPR systems, engage in a protected code blue and adhere to proper decontamination procedures.

Classes will be limited to 20 persons per course. All participants must have basic infection and control knowledge and know how to properly use an N95. All attendees will also be required to review online courses prior to the hands-on conference, including modules on how to set up decontamination systems and Don/Doffing.

Each course offers one instructor per five to six students. All sessions are hands on, except a 90 minute overview at the beginning of the training. All persons interested in attending can purchase their tickets through Eventbrite.