FEMA seeks youth leaders for preparedness council

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is looking for youth leaders who want to help their communities to be more involved in emergency response, according to the Department of Homeland Security.

In 2013, FEMA launched its Youth Preparedness Council as part of an effort to give interested youth a collective voice and a forum in improving their communities' emergency response and preparedness capabilities. The DHS announced the call for new members to the council on its FirstResponder.gov website.

According to FEMA, a crisis can occur at school, home, place of worship or the playground. By becoming properly prepared, a community can avert or reduce damage from man-made or natural incidents. FEMA encourages individuals to be committed, responsive and prepared for disasters.

FEMA said that teaching children about emergency preparedness is key to minimizing fear and building confidence to act quickly and wisely during a disaster.

The Youth Preparedness Council is meant to help budding first responders to become a part of the world of emergency medical services while establishing new friendships.

FEMA is seeking five seats on the council. Youth between the ages of 12 and 17 must submit an application and two letters of recommendation by Monday. Candidates must have either experienced a disaster that has motivated them to take action or be involved in individual or community emergency preparedness.