King County seeks public health preparedness manager

Public Health - Seattle & King County is currently looking for a public health preparedness manager in Seattle, according to the International Association of Emergency Managers jobs board.

The position is full-time, and will oversee the Public Health Preparedness Program and a group of skilled and proficient employees.

The person hired will lead a team to plan complex programs, and develop, coordinate, budget, manage and evaluate public health programs. The manager will work to prepare the Public Health department for consequences of hazards that would impact King County.

The manager will develop short- and long-term priorities, and identify areas to coordinate with community partners, negotiate agreements and enhance collaboration.

Successful applicants will have previous experience in administration, policy and planning related to emergency preparedness. They will be able to communicate a clear vision for the program, embrace innovation, value partnerships and commit to excellence.

Public Health maintains preparedness plans for mass fatality, isolation and quarantine, pandemic flu, bio-terrorism and radiological emergency preparedness.

The county region covers 39 cities, international air and sea ports, advanced healthcare systems and corporate headquarters for multinational corporations.

Public Health is made of five offices that provide a range of services and programs, including disease control and investigations, environmental health services, region-wide emergency medical services program management, risk communications and disaster preparedness.