Galt-Elk Grove community launches CERT courses

The Galt-Elk Grove Community Emergency Response Team recently announced that it will be holding basic CERT classes in March to prepare Galt and Elk Grove community members for emergencies.

Basic CERT classes will begin on March 13 and be held each Thursday for seven weeks thereafter. Classes will begin in Elk Grove on March 11 and will also continue for seven weeks, ending with a final joint exercise for both classes on April 26.

The CERT program is a way for community members and residents to take responsibility for the security and emergency preparedness of their towns by learning a broad range of emergency and first aid skills. The classes to be held in the Galt-Elk Grove community are a way to realistically provide emergency response support when local emergency services may not be able to respond promptly. If people are trained on what to do in an emergency, it can be resolved faster and potentially save lives.

Through the CERT program, participants will learn emergency response skills specific to their communities, along with basic disaster response skills, including search and rescue, medical operations and fire safety. After the CERT training, community members will be able to help one another during times of need when professional responders may not be available immediately.