Public Health - Seattle & King County seeks public health preparedness manager

Public Health - Seattle & King County seeks a public health preparedness manager to protect King County through the development and implementation of disaster response missions in the event of an emergency.

The public health preparedness manager of King County would be a nationally-recognized leader in emergency response during national emergencies. The person to fill this role would be responsible for enhancing public health preparedness and developing community partnerships to strengthen multilateral responses to national emergencies.

The public health preparedness manager would be in charge of the organization, coordination, development, budgeting, overseeing and analyzing of public health procedures pertaining to county-wide hazards within King County. The leader in this role will be responsible for innovating and increasing cooperation with multiple organizations to create effective, broad-range responses to emerging threats.

Public Health is a metropolitan health department that is responsible for the safety of almost two million Seattle residents. The King County region spans 30 cities and features international air and sea ports, prestigious healthcare systems and infrastructure, several renowned corporate headquarters and more than 140 languages spoken.

Public Health monitors communicable diseases and epidemiological investigations, environmental protection, health clinics, emergency medical services and advanced life support, risk assessments and disaster preparedness. King County is at risk of earthquakes, floods, blizzards, harsh wind storms, disease outbreaks, infrastructure breakdowns and technological failures.

Persons interested in applying for the position of public health preparedness manager can send applications to the King County government office.