Maryland first responders conduct emergency preparedness training

First responders in St. Mary's County, Maryland, will team up this week with security forces at Patuxent River Naval Air Station to train for unpredictable, deadly threats like terrorist attacks.

The Solid Curtain-Citadel Shield training exercise will help train county and state law enforcement, regional emergency services workers, federal workers and military workers to deal with worst-case scenarios such as suicide bombers, bioterror attacks and mass shootings, reports.

Capt. Ben Shevchuk, the commanding officer at Pax River, said he wants families with loved ones at the air station to know the base is actively monitoring its security capabilities.

"We're making sure we're ready to respond to real-world threats and the people are kept safe," Shevchuk said, according to "Threats exist. And they do change."

The training will focus on surveillance at the gates and along the fences, disposal of explosives and handling suspicious packages. The scenario will be based on a simulated shooter on a rampage. Hostage negotiators, SWAT team members and a helicopter search and rescue team will be on hand for the drill.

During the drill, a team led by Gerald Gardiner, the emergency planner of St. Mary's County, will stand by and wait for information. When needed, the team will support the scenario as it would in real life.

The event will take place on Thursday, reports.