Demopolis Fire Department receives hazmat training from National Guard

The Demopolis Fire Department received hazmat training on Wednesday from the National Guard 46th Civil Support Team from Montgomery, which specializes in weapons of mass destruction and biological and chemical threats.

"Doing this training together allows us to get to know each other in case we have to work together one day," DFD Chief Tommy Tate said, according to Demopolis Times. "It's good to know who you're working with when there's that type of situation."

Maj. Erich Babbitt of the 46th CST said it was important that the DFD and the response team get to know each other.

"It gives my guys confidence to know who they're working with, and it also gives the civil authorities confidence," Babbitt said, Demopolis Times reports.

DFD Training Officer Capt. James Bailey said having a working relationship with the CST would benefit the city in an emergency.

"If we had a tornado that came through and took out all of our cell towers, they have a communications truck that they could bring out to allow the different emergency personnel to be able to communicate," Bailey said, according to Demopolis Times. "When they are called out to an area, they don't have to bring all of their equipment. We can get pieces of this team depending on the situation."

The CST showed the fire department methods for decontamination and helped the department become more familiar with their equipment.