Marine Wing Support Squadron 272 completes CBRN field exercise

Marine Wing Support Squadron 272 completed a six-day field exercise on Monday aboard Marine Corps Air Station New River to test the efficiency of the squadron's mission essential task list.

"The main purpose of this event was to cover the squadron's METL such as (base recovery after attack), (disaster assistance response team) and (combat lifesaver) to include mass casualties and CBRN defense training," MWSS-272 Operation Chief Gunnery Sgt. Mario Locklear said.

Locklear said the training exercises are important in ensuring the squadron is prepared.

"Every bit of training leads to MOS proficiency to include any type of pre-deployment training, whether or not a deployment is on the horizon," Locklear said. "We are working toward the squadrons METL and any future deployments the squadron may have."

Marine Aircraft Group 26 CBRN Defense Specialist Staff Sgt. Jeffery Smith said the training was different from routine training at the gas chamber due to the integration of a decontamination line and notional CBRN environment.

"Like anything we always train for any future deployment or contingent we may have," Locklear said. "This exercise was squadron wide, so everyone will have a general idea of what BRATT is, what DART is and so on. They may not be able to actually execute it, but if they are tasked with being on a team they will be able to assist."