CBRN First Response 2014 conference seeks to enhance emergency response

The 2014 CBRN First Response conference will take place on February 11 and 12 at the Mercure Hotel in Leicester, United Kingdom, and highlight the future of CBRN countermeasures and emergency response.

CBRN First Response 2014 will provide participants and members of the international CBRN threat-reduction and emergency response community with an opportunity to come together to discuss the future of the industry. Attendees will discover the capabilities needed to create viable multi-agency and multi-national CBRN emergency response plans to counter emerging CBRN threats.

The CBRN First Response 2014 agenda will cover multiple facets of CBRN countermeasures, including simulation, training, preparedness and resilience, healthcare response, decontamination and disposal, scene management and crowd control, command, communications and keeping first responders safe.

The conference will serve as a platform for CBRN emergency first responders and international military groups to review best practices, new technologies and emerging markets in the industry.

CBRN emergencies are a significant threat to national and international security. The development of a sound CBRN emergency first response plan in every nation is an immense step forward to adequately countering the threat. Sound emergency response plans save lives and devising a multi-national, multi-agency threat-reduction plan is critical in fighting CBRN threats on a global scale.