White powder letters received during Super Bowl weekend found to be non-toxic

Unknown white powder substances were reported on Friday in New Jersey near the town which hosted the Super Bowl and within a letter addressed to former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.

The FBI and local law enforcement agencies are still investigating the incidents, but early testing showed the powders were non-toxic powders, such as baking soda or corn starch. At least five hotels, including the Renaissance Meadowlands Hotel in Rutherford, the Homestead Inn in East Rutherford and the Econo Lodge near Carlstadt, reported receiving letters containing suspicious white powders, but there are no reports of illnesses or persons harmed by the letters, NYDailyNews.com reports.

Hazardous materials teams were sent to each location to investigate the substances to determine their levels of toxicity. The truck delivering the substances to the hotels was also intercepted on Friday, but there have been no arrests reported, according to NYDailyNews.com.

On Friday morning, an employee of Bracewell & Giuliani opened a letter addressed to the former Mayor and discovered a suspicious white powder. There were eight people in the mail room who were exposed to the white powder, seven of whom may have been contaminated, NYDailyNews.com reports.

While an investigation revealed the powder was non-toxic, its identity has not yet been discovered.