BeSafe Technologies to provide emergency preparedness program in Europe

BeSafe Technologies, Inc., a Barnstable, Massachusetts-based software company, announced on Friday that it signed a multi-year license agreement with a U.K. security consulting firm to implement its emergency preparedness program in Europe.

The agreement with the U.K. and Europe-based Templewood Homeland Security Solutions will implement BeSafe's Emergency Preparedness and Response System in the U.K. and mainland Europe. Templewood is a strategic advisory and consulting firm that helps the public and private sector navigate risks, fix problems and implement solutions.

"We are thrilled to partner with a proven leader such as Templewood and look forward to working with its managing director Richard Benson and his team to deploy our intelligent emergency response mapping platform to help secure facilities in the United Kingdom and mainland Europe," Tom McDonald, the CEO of BeSafe, said. "This is our first venture outside of the United States and we are truly excited that our expansion is being managed and implemented by the Templewood Group."

BeSafe Technologies uses its programs to provide first responders with advanced information about the layout, surroundings and access points of a facility before arriving at the location. The information gives responders the opportunity to expedite their intervention. The company's systems are currently implemented in approximately 2,500 end user sites, including hospitals, colleges, municipal facilities and school distributes.

Be Safe Technologies won the 2013 Best Facility Security/Emergency Response Software award from Government Security News.