Cedar County First Responders calls for new recruits

Cedar County First Response recently called for new emergency first responder personnel and asked that all persons interested contact Cedar County offices directly to apply.

Cedar County First Response is responsible for assisting local emergency medical personnel, law enforcement officers and fire department personnel. It functions on a volunteer basis and work as-needed when called to respond to an emergency, CedarRepublican.com reports.

All interested persons can gain a certification as a first responder within Cedar County. Citizens Memorial Hospital and Cedar County First Response joined forces to conduct training programs for new first responders in the county. The courses are set to run in March 2014 and in the upcoming Fall season, according to CedarRepublican.com

The fee for the training course will likely be supplemented or waived by Cedar County First Response and its partners for anyone who will dedicate a year-long commitment to serve the county as an emergency first responder.