Safety Alert Apps teams up with BeSafe Technologies

Safety Alert Apps, Inc., a Sun Valley, California-based developer of security alert apps, announced on Wednesday that it will form a strategic alliance with BeSafe Technologies, an emergency response system provider.

Safety Alert Apps will provide the clients of BeSafe Technologies with the SafeWatch TEAM app, which will provide important information to first responder teams.

"Every day we see the increased need for public safety at schools, our work places, malls and other open venues," Jill Campbell, the chairman of Safety Alert Apps, said. "We are very pleased to be working with BeSafe Technologies to provide their clients with our smartphone safety app, SafeWatch TEAM. SafeWatch TEAM arms the user with safety technology on their smartphone, providing help immediately and simultaneously alerting the user's specific first responders emergency team with critical information."

The Massachusetts-based BeSafe Technologies provides first responders with information about a facility's layout, access points and surroundings, allowing responders to expedite intervention during an emergency. The information may include the location and description of hazardous materials and critical shut-off points for utilities.

"The SafeWatch TEAM application enhances BeSafe's ability to deliver accurate and detailed information, instantly and in real time to police, fire, SWAT and other emergency teams." Tom McDonald, the CEO of BeSafe Technologies, said. "We provide our clients with a cutting-edge, user-friendly product that instantly gives first responders the tactical information they need to make split second decisions that will help save lives."

Safety Alert Apps is the developer of OnWatchOnCampus, a White House award-winning app meant to combat sexual assault on college campuses.