Medizone receives fourth patent for anti-anthrax disinfection system

Medizone International, Inc., announced the receipt of its fourth patent for its government variant of AsepticSure, an enclosed space room disinfection system that kills the deadly biological weapon anthrax.

Medizone created AsepticSure to provide defense agencies with a product that could help protect important buildings, resources and infrastructure against biological attacks.

"At our Innovation Park, Queens University laboratories, we have been successful in completely eliminating Bacillus atropheus and Bacillus subtilis, both internationally recognized study surrogates for Anthrax, one of the most difficult weaponized pathogens to kill," Medizone International President Dr. Michael E. Shannon said.

AsepticSure provides a viable way to neutralize a biological weapon threat. It is safe for use on important technology and equipment.

"Being able to eliminate these surrogates for Anthrax with our technology almost assures we now have the ability to remediate critical public infrastructure following a biological attack and restore it to service without damaging important and expensive equipment including communications systems," Shannon said. "Militaries have struggled with this problem for decades and, until now, this simply has not been possible."

Medizone CEO Edwin Marshall said the new patent should give the company a unique product on the market.

"To now have patent protection granted for this system should allow the company protected access to a potentially lucrative government market due to the unique capability of AsepticSure's government variant," Marshall said.