Danish initiative strengthens biosecurity and improves health in East Africa

The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Health announced on Tuesday that they will work together on a pilot project to improve biosecurity and health in East Africa.

The Danish Centre for Biosecurity and Biopreparedness at Statens Serum Institute under the Ministry of Health will roll out the project.

One of the priorities of the Danish government's new disarmament and non-proliferation policy is contributing to international biosecurity. The pilot project contains a health promotion initiative that involves working with a country in East Africa to improve diagnostic methods and strengthen its response to infectious disease.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the plan is clear and manageable, which will make it easily applicable to developing countries. The pilot project will take steps to transfer Danish experiences and best practices to developing countries.

Implementing the project in East Africa began with a focus on training and education of key biosecurity decision makers and assistance in the preparation of biosecurity legislation. Denmark will help create a national authority responsible for biosecurity and implement preliminary steps of modern diagnostic methods.

The pilot project is part of the Danish Peace and Stability fund. The project will be implemented with close partnership with the G8 initiative Global Partnership against the Spread of Materials of Weapons of Mass Destruction.