Alabama State Troopers return to CDP for Field Force Operations training

The Federal Emergency Management Agency said on Thursday that the second wave of Alabama State Troopers is attending the Center for Domestic Preparedness for training.

The Alabama Department of Public Safety will send approximately 200 state troopers through the Field Force Operations course, which is designed to teach skills for crowd control during civil disorders. The troopers are adding the training to current capabilities in preparing for large events, including annual Mardi Gras celebrations in Montgomery and Mobile during March.

The CDP training is designed for emergency response workers and agencies from the state, local and tribal governments. The FFO course is for front-line law enforcement.

CDP campus training is federally funded at no cost to state, local and tribal professionals or agencies.

The Center for Domestic Preparedness was created in 1998. The center offers multiple training programs for emergency responders, including emergency management, fire service, hazardous materials, health care, law enforcement, public safety communications and public works.

The center offers the nation's only civilian training exercises in a toxic environments, using chemical agents and biological materials. The hands-on training provides experience responding to chemical, biological, radiological, explosive or other hazardous threats.