DTRA to hold 2014 Technology Conference virtually

The Defense Threat Reduction Agency recently announced that it will hold its 2014 Chemical and Biological Defense Science and Technology Conference virtually and called for abstract submission papers through Feb. 7.

The DTRA's 2014 CBD S&T Virtual Conference will showcase chemical and biological defense advancements in applied research. The Spring conference will support videos, presentations, messaging and real-time communications.

The Virtual Conference will cover a number of topics, including Dynamic Functional Materials, Novel Treat and Disruptive Chemical and Biological Discovery, Applied Mathematics and Innovative Computational Tools, Rapid Response and Recovery Science and Technology, Adaptive Medical Therapeutics and Technologies and Threat Activity Sensing and Reporting.

Participants in the conference have the opportunity to showcase new technologies and possibly gain funding from the DTRA and other national laboratories to support further research. All persons interested in attending are encouraged to do so, as leaders in the field of chemical and biological defense will be present and networking opportunities are available.

All organizations interested in participating in the CBD S&T Virtual Conference are encouraged to submit abstract papers as soon as possible. Organizations with new advanced research in the field of chemical and biological defense can submit abstract papers online to the DTRA directly.