Georgia men convicted of ricin plot against government officials

Two alleged members of a Georgia militia group, discovered in November, 2011, were convicted on Friday by a Gainesville jury for plotting to produce the biological weapon ricin for use as a weapon.

The Georgia militia group allegedly plotted attacks on IRS and ATF agents, judges and lawyers, CNN reports.

Samuel Crump, 71, and Ray Adams, 57, were convicted and face a maximum sentence of life in prison, the Atlanta Business Chronicles reports.

Crump and Adams are two of four alleged members of the Georgia militia group that were arrested in November, 2011. Dan Roberts, 67, and Frederick Thomas, 73, were also arrested in 2011, but not convicted this past Friday.

The four men allegedly plotted attacks on government officials and government buildings. In a supposed recording of the group discussing its mission, one of the men was reported to have said that he could take the lives of IRS and ATF agents.

"I could shoot IRS and ATF all day long," one of the men allegedly said. "All the judges and the [Department of Justice], and the attorneys and prosecutors."

One of the recordings also allegedly discussed the seriousness of the group carrying out its terrorist activities.

"Are you committed?" one of the men allegedly said. "I am. To taking action. If we get a militia unit going large enough, are they committed to taking action? Will they take a life? All right, so, who's willing to take a life?"