U.S. Biotech Advisor Keltner joins Immunovaccine's board of directors

Immunovaccine, Inc., announced on Monday that Llew Keltner was appointed to the company's board of directors effective immediately.

Keltner has been a consultant to IMV since 2013, and helped raise the profile of the company in the U.S. and Europe. He is also the chairman of Raptor Pharmaceuticals Corp, a commercial stage biotechnology company in California.

"Dr. Keltner shares our goal, to put effective cancer treatments to work in patients. Whether advising investment banks, fund managers, large pharmaceutical companies or clinical stage companies such as ours, he has proved effective at matching up financial investment with promising science," Executive Chairman Albert Scardino said.

Keltner said IMV has been able to compete in the evolving field of cancer therapy, and has developed a critical piece.

"In early human trials in ovarian and breast cancer, its unique vaccine technology has shown an ability to stimulate powerful immune responses that may delay the recurrence of cancers," Keltner said. "In combination with other therapies, IMV's treatments may help turn cancer into a treatable, long-term illness. Now that immunotherapy has captured the imagination of both the scientific and the investment communities, it is important that we introduce the company to a wider audience."

Keltner was chief executive of AgonOx until 2013. He holds positions on the boards of Infostat, OregonLIfe Sciences, BioQuiddity and Goodwell Technologies. He is also a faculty member at the medical schools at Case Western Reserve University and Columbia University.