Niagara Thermal Products to be critical supplier for air purification system

Niagara Thermal Products said on Wednesday that it will supply critical thermal components to Buffalo BioBlower Technologies, LLC, as part of a SBIR Phase 3 award from the Army Corps of Engineers.

B3 developed the only comprehensive air purification system that eliminates biological contaminants and chemical pollutants, allergens and organic particles. The system is able to clear 99.9999 percent of viruses, bacteria and spores from the air, and is sponsored by the Department of Defense.

The air purification system offers a step above HEPA filtration systems, and has applications in military, healthcare and commercial markets.

Since 2005, Niagara Thermal Products has worked with B3 to develop high performance vacuum-brazed heat exchangers that are used to kill airborne contaminants. For the new contract, Niagara will design and manufacture a series of heat exchangers for the 5,000 cfm system that B3 will build for testing in 2014.

"We are extremely pleased that we are able to continue to assist B3 in the development of this exciting and important improvement in critical air purification systems," Robert Corvino, the vice president of Aerospace and Defense Systems for Niagara. "With over 30 years of experience in the design of heat exchangers, heat sinks and cold plates, this technology development is another example of Niagara Thermal Product's commitment to providing important solutions for difficult thermal challenges."