IAEA will make first report on Iran's nuclear program next week

zThe International Atomic Energy Agency, the U.N.'s nuclear watchdog, will make its first report on the status of Iran's nuclear program on January 20, the U.S. State Department said on Monday.

A senior administration official with the State Department made the remarks on Monday during a background briefing on the implementation plan of the P5+1 and Iran's first step nuclear agreement. The official said that since the Joint Plan of Action was decided on November 24, the P5+1 and Iran worked out technical understandings that established the procedure over the next six months for the IAEA.

"These understandings are primarily for the IAEA," the official said. "They establish what the IAEA should be looking for when they visit various facilities, when the IAEA will get the information they need to carry out managed access to new facilities that they've not been visiting as part of their regular safeguards activities, and also when we expect the IAEA and Iran to develop new procedures for the new activities that they'll be taking out."

The official said the IAEA will report on the current status of Iran's nuclear program on January 20, reporting on the actions Iran is taking to abide by the Joint Plan of Action. As part of the agreement, Iran agreed to not install additional centrifuges and not feed additional centrifuges, among other changes to its program.

The IAEA will also report on several specific steps Iran agreed to take on the first day of implementation, such as halting enrichment over five percent and diluting half of the 20 percent enriched uranium it has in gaseous UF6 form.

"(Iran) would also provide on the first day the information that the IAEA will need to access the various facilities in the (Joint) Plan of Action that they don't now - that they don't now see, including the centrifuge assembly workshops and centrifuge rotor production workshops," the official said.

The official said the IAEA is responsible for verifying and confirming all nuclear-related measures consistent with its broader role of verifying safeguards.