Sen. Corker calls for 2015 FY Budget to include nuclear modernization

Ranking Member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) recently called on the Obama Administration to include necessary funding to modernize the nation's nuclear weapons in the 2015 Fiscal Year budget.

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel recently urged the Obama Administration to commit to modernizing the U.S. nuclear arsenal to uphold the nation's security. In the 2010 Senate debate regarding the New START Treaty with Russia, President Barack Obama committed to allocating the complete and necessary budget to upgrade and modernize the nation's worn nuclear defenses.

"As Secretary Hagel emphasized the importance of appropriate resources to modernize our nation's nuclear arsenal, I urge the Obama Administration to match this level of commitment with the funding necessary in the 2015 budget request so modernization remains on track," Corker said. "To date their track record has been inconsistent."

Corker said that while the U.S. does need to address issues of overspending, it cannot afford to allow its nuclear defenses to deteriorate.

"I recognize the need to address the nation's spending problems, but I believe we can meet this challenge while also ensuring a safe and reliable nuclear deterrent, which is vital for U.S. and global security," Corker said.