PositiveID announces partnership with American Capital Ventures

PositiveID Corporation announced on Tuesday that it has entered into partnership with American Capital Ventures, a boutique company that provides investor relationships, capital advisory service and financial marketing services.

"I am pleased to announce our engagement with American Capital Ventures, a provider of investor relations services to emerging growth companies like ours," Chairman and CEO of PositiveID William J. Caragol said. "Over the course of the last year and a half, we have been working diligently to reposition the business to better capitalize on sales and partnership opportunities for both our M-BAND airborne bio-threat detector and Firefly handheld, PCR-based diagnostics device. We are eager to showcase the immense market potential for our molecular diagnostics solutions to investment and analyst communities. American Capital Ventures has been brought on board to assist in this initiative and we believe they will be instrumental in communicating our opportunity to the proper audience and generating greater awareness among investors."

PositiveID Corportation is an emerging company that develops and supplies biological detection systems and rapid biological assays to the homeland defense sector.

"At the crux of PositiveID is the unwavering determination to help protect U.S. citizens from biological threats," American Capital Ventures President Howard Gostfrand said. "Their M-BAND system is positioned to help our homeland defense teams do just that, while Firefly extends the ability to perform biological testing at the point of need - quickly. We are excited to be working with Bill and his top-notch team on better informing the public and the investment community of the potential of their revolutionary technology and securing the long-term investors needed to get PositiveID to the next level."