Finavia to use OptoScreener in preparation for lifting of liquids ban Inb

Optosecurity said on Tuesday that Finnish airport operator Finavia has placed a significant order for OptoScreener, a liquid explosives and firearm detection product.

The order comes shortly after Optosecurity was awarded new Standard 2 ECAC certifications.

"Finavia Corporation, who are responsible for airports and the air navigation system for all of Finland, are a very safety and passenger oriented company, which aligns well with Optosecurity's core capabilities and focus," COO of Optosecurity Tim Mathews said. "We are very pleased that they chose OptoScreener for this project and we are excited to work with their team and to continue to develop this relationship."

Kari Nurmela, a systems specialist at Finavia, said the OptoScreener would be a key part of the security screening process as the ban on liquids on commercial airliners is partially lifted.

"We want to be ready and OptoScreener will help us do that," Nurmela said.

Optosecurity, which is headquartered in Canada, develops and manufactures threat detection equipment and software for checkpoint security in airports and buildings. The company has developed the first software that enables centralized remote screening of hand luggage, eVelocity. The software has restructured airport security, showing proved results with cost savings and increased productivity.