Soligenix appoints new chief medical officer

Soligenix, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company and developer of medical countermeasures against anthrax and ricin, announced on Monday that it appointed Richard Straube as its senior vice president and chief medical officer.

Straube's career spans more than 35 years in both industry and academia. Straube previously worked for Centocor, Ohmeda Pharmaceuticals, INO Therapeutics and Stealth Peptides, Inc. At Centocor, Straube was responsible for anti-cytokine and anti-endotoxin programs meant to relieve inappropriate host responses to immunologic and infectious challenges.

In his new position at Soligenix, Straube will lead the company's clinical research with primary responsibility for the execution and completion of multiple clinical programs, including a Phase II study in oral mucositis and a Phase II/III study in pediatric Crohn's disease.

"We are delighted to welcome Rick to our team, as he will leverage his extensive drug development expertise in leading our oral mucositis and pediatric Crohn's disease clinical studies," Christopher Schaber, the president and CEO of Soligenix, said. "His clinical experience with trial design, conduct and analysis, as well as his background in immunomodulation and pediatrics will be advantageous to us as we advance our programs."

Soligenix is the developer of RiVax, a vaccine candidate designed to protect against ricin exposure, and VeloThrax, a vaccine meant to protect against anthrax exposure. The two candidates are the subject of a $9.4 million grant from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases supporting development of the company's vaccine heat stabilization technology called ThermoVax.