Date set for Geneva Convention regarding Syria

United Nations Joint Special Representative for Syria Lakhdar Brahimi announced on December 20 in Geneva that the Assad Regime in Syria has agreed to meet with the Syrian opposition on January 22.

The meeting will take place in Geneva before the international community, including the U.N., P5, High Representatives of the European Union, the Secretary General of the League of Arab States and representatives from 25 countries; the issue of Iran has not yet been settled. The Convention seeks to find a diplomatic solution to the conflict in Syria.

The conflict in Syria began more than two years ago and the violence has steadily increased, including the confirmed use of chemical weapons. Brahimi expressed his condolences to the Syrian people affected by the conflict and hopes the opposing parties will find a peaceful solution in January.

"Let me express my strong disappointment, and maybe anger and regret, to see what is going on in Syria," Brahimi said. "The fighting is intensifying all the time, and aid that is available is not reaching the people who need it. We hope that now that we have a date for the conference, the parties will unilaterally take a number of decisions as measures to indicate that they are coming to Geneva to end this conflict."

Brahimi also said that the U.N. and its partners are striving to get aid to those in Syria who most need it. Currently, international humanitarian organizations are supplying aid to 10 million people out of 23 million who need material goods.