Political panel challenges Obama Administration on its stance against Iran

A panel of politicians recently expressed discontent with the policymaking of the Obama Administration regarding the nuclear program in Iran and Iranian dissidents and called for policy changes to be made.

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani criticized the administration in a recent statement, warning that the Interim Geneva Accord signed in November between Iran and world powers should not be upheld as a solution to the Iranian nuclear program until Iran becomes a nuclear free country.

Giuliani also discussed granting Iranian dissidents refugee status. He asked that the administration grant refugee status to 3,000 dissidents living at a refugee camp in Iraq, as their lives are threatened by the pro-Iranian regime daily. On one raid, pro-Iranian assassins murdered 52 unarmed dissidents, most of whom were murdered execution-style.

Former CIA Director James Woolsey also spoke out against the administration, calling its plan to end Iran's nuclear program naive and foolish.

"To count on the Iranian regime to comply with the agreement and give up its nuclear weapons program is naive and wishful thinking," Woolsey said. "The more vulnerable the regime is the more it will try to hide its program in order not to lose leverage with the West. By extension the West has only one way to deal with the nuclear threat of Iran, help those Iranians who seek a non-nuclear, non-belligerent, non-Islamist Iran, to take over in time before the Ayatollahs get the bomb."

Former Congressman Patrick Kennedy also challenged the administration, stating the U.S. has obligations to uphold the promise it made to Iranian dissidents to protect them from persecution.

"The fight for freedom and the fight for democracy by the people of Camp Liberty and Ashraf is really a universal fight for democracy and freedom," Kennedy said. "That is why the United States made a pledge to make the United States stand by these dissidents."

In response to the critiques, Sen. John Boozman thanked the panel for its advocacy.

"[I commend you on] alert[ing] the average Congressman, the people of America to the atrocities of this regime in so many different ways and so again I appreciate your advocacy," Boozman said.