Global Elite Group expands service to fixed base operators

Global Elite Group said on Monday it will expand service to address the fixed base operator's demand for charter aircraft support and security in more than 5,000 airports in the United States.

Private airways require security and amenities from the FBO with more efficiency and quality than commercial airlines as that portion of the industry continues to grow.

"The FBO has a tremendous role in the success of getting a private charter traveler to their next destination-meeting both the airline's level of quality and the expectation of the customer," William McGuire, the president and CEO of Global Elite Group, said. "GEG provides advanced security services which compliment the FBO's efforts to provide a seamless travel experience."

GEG provides security services, such as canine explosives detection and portable screening technology, in accordance with TSA regulations.

"FBOs have to meet the challenge of getting their clients to their destinations safely and securely," Andrew Compas, GEG's Northeast Region business development manager, said. "Our private charter screenings provide a quicker security screening process while also being very discrete. Increasing these services has been one of the main business focuses for GEG for over a decade."

An increasing number of regional airports that offer entry to more remote regions, as well as travelers with fixed schedules, are factors in increased demand on FBO's.

"Sports teams have realized the benefits of traveling through charter airways," Bryan Davis, GEG's vice president of sales & marketing, said. "Mainly because they can determine their own flight times but also it is much easier to move a large group of people from one location to the next when the plane is waiting and the services including security come to you."