Sen. McCain condemns Assad's use of cluster munitions

U.S. Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) condemned on Wednesday the use of cluster munitions by the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

McCain referred to recent reports that Assad's regime is using helicopters to drop crude cluster munitions in Aleppo. He said the weapons killed more than 100 people and as many as 28 children. McCain said the conflict in Syria is not an arms control issue alone.

"It is shameful that while the Obama Administration applauds the Syrian government's progress in destroying its chemical weapons arsenal, President Bashar al-Assad continues to use every other type of weapon in his arsenal to massacre innocent men, women, and children," McCain said.

McCain said the appalling and saddening bombings demonstrated U.S. failure to assist the Free Syrian Army in defeating Assad.

"Whether by chemical weapons, improvised bombs, or any other means, it is unacceptable for the Syrian people to be indiscriminately targeted and killed in this manner," McCain said.

McCain said America's first priority in Syria should not just be the elimination of chemical weapons, but it should include stopping the murder of Syrians by Assad and ending a conflict that threatens security interests of the U.S., its partners and its allies.