908 Devices wins first place at The Analytical Scientist Innovative Awards 2013

908 Devices, a design company for point-of-need chemical analysis, announced on Thursday that its M908 handheld high pressure mass spectrometer won first place at The Analytical Scientist Innovation Awards 2013.

The M908 handheld spectrometer is the first and only handheld device of its kind. The award selects one winner of the year and recognizes the best technological advances of analytical sciences each year, including live cell RNA advances, new laboratory processes and 3D Gas Chromatography units.

"Limits of detection are the benchmarks of safety and fast, accurate clinical diagnostics save lives - in other words, what we measure today, we can improve tomorrow," Editor of The Analytical Scientist Rich Whitworth said.

The M908 device won first place for its robust mass spec analysis combined with its small size, ease of use and usefulness for HAZMAT specialists today and in the future.

"We are delighted to have had our technology recognized in these awards," 908 Devices CEO Dr. Kevin J. Knopp said. "Our customers within the safety and security market need accurate, reliable and actionable intelligence in detection of chemical and explosive threats. Addressing that need, we have harnessed the powerful capabilities of mass spectrometry into a truly handheld device that will dramatically change the way these threats are detected and identified. Beyond safety and security our HPMS technology offers an analytical platform for life science research, food safety and a host of other applications that will benefit from small footprint analysis on the workbench or handheld field operation."