Vision-Box to supply 180 eGates to U.K. airports

Vision-Box announced on Wednesday that it has been awarded a contract from the United Kingdom Border Force to supply seven of the U.K.'s international airports with its 2nd Generation vb i-match 5 eGates.

Vision-Box has supplied the UK with eGates units since 2009. The new contract calls for Vision-Box to supply 180 of its updated units to airports throughout the UK. The contract term is valid for four years.

More than 13 million passengers have passed through Vision-Box eGates since the initial rollout in 2009. To meet the new demand, Vision-Box subcontracted ESP Global Services to help with on-site engineering operations and support. It also subcontracted Accenture to provide consulting and accreditation support.

The updated eGates are slim and were developed with the UKBF in-mind, meaning they meet the specific engineering requirements for detection sensors at U.K. airports. The new design allows for the same technology to be available in a smaller, more limited space.

Senior Vice President of Vision-Box Miguel Leitmann expressed his commitment to providing border control services to the U.K. through its detection technology.

"This deployment will represent the biggest ePassport Gate project in Europe," U.K. Border Force Director of Border Systems Strategy & Capability Haroona Franklin said. "The new gates will allow Border Force to improve the passenger experience while maintaining security at the border and enabling the effective deployment of our resources tot areas of highest priority."

Gatwick Airport is the first airport to officially open 15 fully-functional new Generation ePassport Gates to its passengers.