Sundyne sealless no-leak pumps to be used in chemical weapons disposal

Sundyne said on Wednesday that it was awarded a contract for non-metallic magnetic drive pumps called Ansimag sealless by the United States Military to be used with a mobile Explosive Destruction System.

The military's mobile EDS has been increasingly more important as the move to destroy and disarm chemical weapons becomes more prevalent. The program is run at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds

The sealless magnetic drive pumps are compact, do not leak and feature an eslatomer lined interior to endure the caustic nature of chemical agents. Instead of employing seals to prevent leaks in joint connections, the non-metallic pump uses magnetic joints to prevent leaks.

"When you are dealing with lethal chemical weapons, you can't afford any emissions, leaks or failures," Sundyne President Jeff Wiemelt said. "Our sealless magnetic drive pumps have already been in reliable use for years, handling hazardous materials around the world where personnel and environmental safety are of critical importance every day."

The military's EDS units have been used to destroy chemical weapons since 2001. Sundyne sealless non-metallic drive pumps provide air tight performance, which protects military personnel, civilians and the environment.

Sundyne designs and manufactures industrial pumps and compressors to be used with oil and gas, chemicals, power generation and engineered water.