Kerry says interim agreement with Iran provides unprecedented facility access

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Wednesday that the interim agreement between the P5+1 and Iran will provide unprecedented access to key nuclear facilities in Iran.

Kerry made the remarks on Wednesday during the Transformational Trends Strategic Forum at the Four Seasons Hotel in Washington. Kerry said that during the negotiation of the comprehensive final agreement, international inspectors will now have access to Iran's major nuclear facilities.

"As we negotiate, international inspectors will have unprecedented access to Iran's key facilities, including daily access - which we don't have today - to Fordow, daily access - which we don't have today - to Natanz, and regular access to Arak, the heavy water reactor," Kerry said. "As we negotiate, construction on the - as we negotiate, during the reprocessing facility at Arak, which could have provided an alternative path to a bomb because the plutonium - that now will not be able to move forward."

Kerry said the interim agreement will keep components that are not yet installed at Arak from being installed. It will also keep fuel rods and fuel from being transferred or tested. He said the agreement effectively stops the nuclear component of Arak dead in its tracks.

Kerry said the diplomatic gains in Iran, Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East were brought by the successful diplomacy of the Obama Administration. He said fully addressing the threats without going to war will transform the region for the better.

"If diplomacy, backed by the credible threat of military force, can erase the menace of chemical weapons in Syria, if it can ultimately prevent the menace of nuclear weapons in Iran, if it can pave the way to peace and security between Israelis and Palestinians, if we can fully address these threats near and far without going to war, the region and the world will be far better off, and you, we, together will invite a true transformation in the life of that region," Kerry said. "And the United States will gain because of that."