Chemical weapons destruction plant construction 75 percent complete

Blue Grass Chemical Agent-Destruction Pilot Plant said on Tuesday that construction of main plant facilities that will destroy U.S. nerve agent chemical weapons exceeded 75 percent completion this week.

"We currently have more than 290,000 square feet of facilities where we are performing construction and systemization activities," Doug Omichinski, the project manager at Bechtel Parsons Blue Grass, said. "As we complete the construction phase for systems and buildings, they are transitioned to a systemization phase so we can begin testing and validating those same systems and buildings will safely work as designed to support future plant operations."

BGCAPP broke ground for the facility in 2006, and has completed major concrete, steel and exterior work for the neutralization and Supercritical Water Oxidation processing facilities. Equipment that will dismantle munitions has also been installed.

Construction focused on infrastructure that would support main plant operations.

"This milestone sets the stage for the final phases of construction and marks countless hours of dedicated work performed by the team on this critical mission." BGCAPP site project manager Jeff Brubaker said. "With 75 percent completion we close this year with structural work for all major process buildings as complete with fully enclosed buildings and interior large-scale mechanical, electrical and piping system installations well underway."

BGCAPP has begun work on the Static Detonation Chamber, Explosive Destruction Technology system, which will destroy mustard gas missiles that are not safe for destruction in the main plant.