UANI criticizes White House for "campaign-like treatment" of Iranian sanctions

United Against Nuclear Iran said on Monday that a majority of Americans do not approve of the interim agreement reached with Iran in November, and the Obama Administration must take these concerns seriously.

"President Obama must call on his surrogates to stop their campaign-like treatment of this vital national security issue, and take seriously the concerns of Americans and U.S. allies who believe that Iran should be made to do much more before there is a lifting of sanctions," UANI CEO Ambassador Mark Wallace said.

A poll was conducted by The PewResearch Center in collaboration with USA Today Dec. 3 through Dec. 8. Results showed Americans disapprove of the temporary agreement by a 43% to 32% margin.

"Americans' views are understandable, as the deal disproportionately grants Iran sanctions relief in exchange for measures that do not include the dismantling of even a single nuclear centrifuge," Wallace said. "For the past month, the White House has repeatedly offered the false and demagogic narrative that anyone who opposes the interim deal is a warmonger. This includes multiple statements by the White House Press Secretary accusing the U.S. Congress of a 'march to war' for considering new Iran sanctions."

Wallace said actions taken by the White House to this point are "regrettable" and damaging. In contrast to the White House, Wallace said the issue had bipartisan support in Congress.

"New sanctions regularly passed both Houses by near-unanimous margins," Wallace said. "And those supporters of sanctions were driven by the goal of preventing Iran from developing a nuclear weapon by using peaceful economic measures first and foremost."