NATO School Oberammergau asks Hotzone Solutions consultant to guest lecture

Hotzone Solutions said on Tuesday that Senior Consultant Yaugen Ryzhykau was invited to be a guest speaker at the NATO Officer Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defense Policy Course at NATO School Oberammergau.

The course teaches students about CBRN risk assessments and management, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, implications of CBRN hazards and NATO CBRN policies and procedures.

Ryzhykau has been a consultant with Hotzone Solutions since 2011. He worked for the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons for 17 years as a chemical demilitarization officer.

Ryzhykau presented a lecture titled "Chemical Weapons Stockpiles and Destruction Technologies."

Students who attend the course are typically military officers or civilian equivalents who work with NATO forces in staff planning or training within NATO headquarters and agencies.

NATO School Oberammergau provides education and training in NATO operations, strategy, policy, doctrine and procedures. It operates resident one-week courses in cooperative security, intelligence, joint operations and plans, NCO programs, and protection.

NATO School Oberammergau extended an invitation to Hotzone Solutions to participate in the January and November 2014 courses.

Hotzone Solutions is a worldwide company that provides training and consulting for CBRNE defense. Its staff consists of former employees from the United Nations Special Commission, OPCW and United Nations Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission.