U.N. General Assembly adopts 53 texts on disarmament and other issues

The U.N. General Assembly adopted 53 texts on Thursday, including 19 drafts on nuclear disarmament, after acting on the recommendations of its First Committee on Disarmament and International Security.

One draft resolution called on nuclear weapon states to take further efforts to reduce and eliminate all types of nuclear weapons through unilateral, bilateral, regional and multilateral measures. The resolution expressed deep concern at the catastrophic humanitarian consequences that would come from the use of nuclear weapons.

The resolution urged all states to sign and ratify the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty and called for the immediate commencement of negotiations on a treaty that would ban the production of fissile material for nuclear weapons.

The U.N. adopted the resolution by a recorded vote of 169 in favor to one against with 14 abstentions. North Korea was the only country to vote against the measure.

Before the resolution was passed as a whole, there were five separate recorded votes on different operative paragraphs throughout the text.

Recorded votes also took place on other texts related to nuclear weapons, including the risk of nuclear proliferation in the Middle East, accelerating the implementation of nuclear disarmament commitments and the urgent commencement of a comprehensive convention on nuclear weapons.

Texts adopted in other areas included texts on the issues of confidence-building measures, preventing an outer space arms race and preventing terrorists from acquiring chemical and biological weapons.