CBRN officials investigate death involving toxic chemical agent

An investigation is underway in Oxford after a man was recently found dead in a tent with suspected chemical residue inside the tent.

A civilian found the man while taking a walk near Wolvercote this week. When authorities began investigating the scene, they noted a strong, chemical odor in the area and called in special operations chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear officers, Press Association reports.

The Thames Valley Police, South Central Ambulance Service and Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service are working together to investigate the death. The authorities have cordoned off the area and announced that they suspect hydrogen sulphide, a chemical which can cause death within minutes if inhaled, may have been involved, according to Press Association.

An official statement of the police said the man's death is considered unexplained at this time and authorities have not found any suspicious evidence. It is speculated that a toxic spillage may have occurred, leading to the man's death.

"Early indications are that the chemical involved in the death of the man is hydrogen sulphide, but emergency services are working together to examine the scene and recover the body as safely as possible," Superintendent Steve Hockin of Thames Valley Police said, Press Association reports.