Hotzone signs contract with Belarus to use training facility

Hotzone Solutions signed a cooperation agreement on Nov. 26 with the Republic of Belarus Institute for Retraining and Professional Development of the Ministry for Emergency Situations.

The agreement will shape procedures for cooperation in chemical, biological, radioactive and nuclear explosive training, consulting and marketing between the two agencies.

The two groups have arranged to use the international rescue training facilities at IRPD to complete international CBRNE training.

The facilities were formerly used for firefighter training. The center was reorganized in 2000 for the IRPD, and is now a training ground for emergency responders.

The training site has laboratories for fire and industrial safety, and a training complex for fire, rescue and engineering transport. It has operated as an international training facility since 2003.

Hotzone will provide on-site training with HZS simulations at a client-location, or at the facility with live agents.

Hotzone said the agreement with IRPD would help develop HZS activities in Russian-speaking countries.

Hotzone Solutions is a worldwide company that provides training and consulting for CBRNE defense. Its staff consists of former employees from United Nations Special Commission, United Nations Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission and Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.