NATO-Russia Council affirms support for OPCW-U.N. Joint Mission

The foreign ministers of the NATO-Russia Council expressed their support on Wednesday for the work undertaken by the OPCW-U.N. Joint Mission in the elimination of Syria's chemical weapons.

The council released the statement of support after a meeting in Brussels on Wednesday. The council affirmed its support for the full implementation of U.N. Security Council Resolution 2118, the Framework for the Elimination of Syrian Chemical Weapons between the U.S. and Russia and the decision adopted by the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons' Executive Council. The NATO-Russia Council echoed the elements of the U.N. resolution that condemned the use of chemical weapons in Syria.

"We welcome work done so far and note that important progress has been made in implementing the OPCW Executive Council decisions and UNSCR 2118," the council said. "We urge all parties to fully cooperate with the OPCW-U.N. Joint Mission and underscore the importance of the complete and verifiable elimination of all chemical weapons, material and equipment, in the soonest and safest manner."

The council urged all Syrian parties to cooperation with the mission in the fulfillment of its mandate and welcomed the decision to convene the International Conference on Syria, also known as Geneva II, on January 22.

"We welcome all support provided by the NRC member states to the OPCW-UN Joint Mission and stand ready to consider further assistance to the OPCW-UN Joint Mission if requested," the council said.