DTRA issues sources sought notice for biological detection solutions

The U.S. Defense Threat Reduction Agency recently issued a sources sought notice to learn more information on the capability of responders to offer new approaches to improve biological agent detection and localization.

According to the notice, the Department of Defense is seeking to increase its capability to respond to threats against U.S. interests and the U.S. military posed by biological weapons. The DTRA's Biological Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance program is meant to develop methods for countering the growing threat of non-state biological laboratories with the potential to initiate bioterrorism.

The DTRA's request for information is meant to survey sources with the capability to help agency staff to define, develop, demonstrate, and transition capabilities for countering bioterrorism threats through new technologies and concepts. Specifically, the request is looking for solutions in the standoff detection and identification of chemicals that can be used as precursors for biological agents.

The sources sought notice seeks respondents that meet eight criteria. The respondent's process or approach should have the ability to detect chemicals related to the production and storage of biological agents or the actual biological agents, ability to provide detection at standoff ranges of more than 100 meters, low-visibility or covert operability of the detection system, ability to determine the concentration of the agent, near real-time operation, high probability of detecting certain targets with a low false alarm rate, ability to operate in non-ideal weather and environmental conditions and ability to perform testing and evaluation of proposed solutions.

The DTRA's request notes that the agency is only seeking information and there is no solicitation available at this time.