U.K. Atomic Weapons Establishment uses SGI technology for warhead development

SGI, a high performance Big Data and computing technology company, announced on Wednesday that the Atomic Weapons Establishment of the United Kingdom will utilize SGI's technology to enhance its scientific programs for warhead development.

The AWE will use three of SGI's ICE X systems to advance its science and technology-based programs and improve simulation technology used to maintain the safety and dependability of the Trident warhead. The AWE is responsible for the entire process of manufacturing warheads for the U.K., from designing the initial concept to completing the assembly.

"We're constantly looking for ways to enhance and develop programs to support the UK government's nuclear weapons program," AWE High Performance Computing Strategy and Procurement Manager Ken Atkinson said. "We turned to SGI again and chose their ICE X M-Cell systems to deliver a flexible and scalable infrastructure, which enables us to continue to underwrite the safety and effectiveness of the Trident warhead in the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty era."

The AWE chose SGI to make functional nuclear warheads without being able to test them. The AWE relies on science-based programs to ensure the reliability of its warheads.

"It's critical that advanced high-performance computing systems underpin our science program, and SGI's supercomputing systems should enable us to quickly advance research and development," Atkinson said. "SGI met our thorough review process and was able to accommodate our tight schedule for manufacture, factory testing, delivery and commissioning."