Dstl pledges $3.2 million for funding of innovative CBR countermeasures

The U.K. Ministry of Defence's Defence Science and Technology Laboratory recently announced that it made approximately $3.2 million available for the funding of academia and industry projects to help counter chemical, biological and radiological threats.

The program is in collaboration with the United Kingdom's Chemical, Biological and Radiological program. The Dstl is looking to fund innovative ideas in the field of CBR protection, detection or treatment to help support the security of the people from CBR threats.

"The expertise of academia and industry is vital for the success of Dstl's CBR program of work," Dstl CBR Program Manager Mark Fulop said. "Over the next few years, an increasing share of the science and technology program will be [led] externally and we are excited about engaging further with industry to deliver against the program."

An announcement of the availability of the funding was made at the Dstl Annual CBR Science and Technology Review on November 7. The event featured some of the latest technologies against CBR threats and updates on research methodology. The event was run alongside the U.K. Defence Academy's International CBRN Symposium for the first time.

"I am delighted that for the first time it has been possible to bring together the UK Defence Academy's International CBRN Symposium and the Dstl Annual CBR Science and Technology Review," CBRN Chairman Chris Abbot said. "It was an excellent opportunity to bring together CBRN stakeholders from across UK government with industry, academia and international partners to consider the key counter proliferation challenges we face."

The Dstl funding will be available throughout the year to persons or organizations with innovative research and development ideas for CBR countermeasures.