Secretary-General Ban-Ki moon condemns terrorist attacks in Beirut

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon condemned the terrorist attacks in Beirut, Lebanon, on Tuesday, which injured more than 100 people and killed at least 23.

"The Secretary-General calls on all in Lebanon to recognize that such appalling and indiscriminate acts of violence target all in Lebanon," Ban's spokesperson said. "He urges all Lebanese parties to act with restraint and to support the institutions of the state, and particularly the security forces, as they seek to prevent further acts of terrorism."

The U.N. Security Council also condemned the terrorist attacks, which took place near the Iranian embassy in the Bir Hassan neighborhood of Beirut. Ban and the U.N. Security Council both gave their condolences to the families of those injured or killed by the attack, as well as to the Iranian and Lebanese Governments.

"The Secretary-General hopes that those responsible for this attack will be brought to justice expeditiously," Ban's spokesperson said. "He reiterates the determination of the international community to support Lebanon's security and stability."

The U.N. Security Council asked that those responsible for the attack be brought to justice and that the Lebanese people strive to uphold unity in such a time as this.