Smiths Detection announces compact mobile screening system

Smiths Detection said on Monday that it will rollout a new mobile X-Ray machine, the HCVMe35, that can screen entire vehicles and trailers for explosives, drugs and contraband.

Smiths Detection said the HCVM e35 is best suited for small areas like city environments, ports, borders, airports and high profile sporting events. The mobile, high performing solution is flexible and offers pass-through and occupied vehicle-scanning modes. The company developed individual models for the United States and international markets.

The machine's 4MeV accelerator delivers X-Ray images through up to 200 mm of steel, which improves efficiency and analysis results.

"The HCVM e35 series will allow our customers to scan vehicles and analyze high quality image results anywhere, anytime," Ian May, the senior vice president of sales of Smiths Detection, said.

The compact screening vehicle requires only one driver-operator and one traffic marshal.

Smiths Detection said the HCVM e35 will debut at MILIPOL 2013 in France, along with the HCVL light vehicle scanner and ECE-ID handheld explosives, narcotics and toxic chemical identifier.

Smiths Detection is part of Smiths Group, and offers security technology to civil and military markets. The company develops and manufactures government-regulated technology and equipment to detect and identify explosives, chemical and biological agents, radiological and nuclear threats, weapons, narcotics and contraband.