Canada awards $1.3 million for counterterrorism research

The Canadian government met with researchers at the University of Toronto Mississauga on Thursday to announce the recipients of the fourth round of funding through the Kanishka Project.

The Kanishka Project is an initiative to support research into the recruitment methods and tactics of terrorists to produce more effective resources, tools and policies to stop terrorism. Roxanne James, the parliamentary secretary to the minister of public safety and emergency preparedness, announced the latest recipients, who will receive more than $1.3 million in funding.

"The Kanishka Project is an important part of our government's strategy to counter terrorism," Steven Blaney, Canada's minister of public safety, said. "It will help us create or improve concrete tools, programs, and policies that will assist in keeping Canadians safe. Previously funded projects are already making a difference. For example, a recent project is helping us identify ways to prevent terrorist organizations' use of the internet for recruitment, while another is fostering collaboration with the private sector on our response to terrorist threats to critical infrastructure."

The six projects receiving funding under the latest round of the project will contribute to Canada's understanding of terrorism. The projects will study issues ranging from the conflict in Syria to public views around terrorism and security. The funded projects will produce tools, such as educational materials.

"Canada is not immune to terrorism and violent extremism, and our government will continue to take every possible action to address these global threats," James said. "By helping us to increase awareness and develop the most effective ways to address terrorism, the Kanishka Project will enable us to continue to build stronger, more resilient communities."

The government recently announced the call for proposals for the fifth round of funding, which will close on November 29.